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What is it?

This program serves to support adults with disabilities and/or autism who have already left their parents’ house and live alone (or with a friend, boyfriend, wife, etc.) or who are already planning to move to their new apartment/house.

How does it work?

It is aimed at those who already have some level of autonomy and/or independence and do not necessarily need 24-hour support, as in the Independent House. The professional trained by the JNG Institute, based on the Personalized Support Plan (PPA), will travel to the place where the disabled adult lives (or intends to live) and will provide specific support to develop the necessary skills and competences, which involve the routine of a house and the organization of daily life, such as security, health care, use of money, health care, hygiene and food, among others.

The process is the same as for those arriving at the JNG home: interviews with the person and the family to carry out the Profile and Autonomy Assessment and define the family agreements and the Personalized Support Plan (PPA). The JNG Institute selects and trains the professional to develop and monitor, according to our robust methodology, in the home of an adult with a disability and/or autism.

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