Profile and Autonomy Assessment

What is it?

It is an important step in the process of entering the House. It is through this instrument that we assess the autonomy of adults with disabilities with regard to their activities of daily living. This is what allows us to identify the level of support he will need on a daily basis in the new House to live and live with more autonomy and independence.

About the questionnaire

The Assessment is based on the application of the JNG Skills and Challenges for Independent Housing questionnaire, with more than 200 questions, gathering information about personal and health characteristics, as well as the main routines and necessary activities, as well as desires, dreams and aspirations. It is done both with the future resident and with his/her family, through separate interviews. We emphasize that the family plays an important role in providing emotional support and, naturally, motivation and confidence in relation to this important step in adult life. This support is also essential in defining the daily routines of living alone and daily activities, such as looking for a job/job, choosing courses, recommending leisure and entertainment.

  1. The following aspects are evaluated:
  2. Routine and schedule
  3. Health
  4. Personal hygiene and cleanliness
  5. Food and shopping
  6. Clothes care
  7. House maintenance and cleaning
  8. Money
  9. Initial Link (social attitudes)
  10. Leisure
  11. Home ownership
  12. Transport use
  13. Security
  14. Knowledge of the neighborhood

Personalized Support Plan (PSP)

Based on the data and information collected, the team of specialists draws up a Personalized Support Plan (PPA) for the resident, indicating the amount and frequency of support that he/she will receive from the support team , if you decide to live in the JNG Independent House. He/she will learn little by little, like every young adult, how to take care of a house and his/her own routine, acquiring confidence and practice in the functions necessary for the management of his/her own home. This process will be closely monitored and evaluated, with a professional eye, by the JNG team.

However, we recognize the importance of this instrument for all families with people with intellectual disabilities and/or Autistic Spectrum Disorder (ASD). We offer the Profile and Autonomy Assessment, applied by one of our specialists, without the need to enter the JNG Independent House.

If you want more information, get in touch.

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